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Mastered aluminum

Flandria integrates the entire profile manufacturing chain at its French site in the Hauts-de-France. This in-depth knowledge of extrusion allows accessibility, reactivity and quality, whatever the type of project required.

Customized  support

From the design of the molds to the delivery of the profiles, we understand your constraints and integrate them into our work processes. The entire Flandria team is here to listen to your needs to ensure the highest quality when it leaves the factory.

Our business sectors

Flandria deals with more than 2000 customers in many sectors of activity: building, transport, industry, etc. Our aluminum profiles can offer multiple functions and possible variations. 

Join us

As an independent, family-owned company, Flandria Aluminium’s 170 employees are moving in the same direction and are committed to fully satisfying every customer request.

A company in constant evolution

Since the mid-60s, Flandria has committed all the necessary means to always be at the forefront of the extrusion market.

Our values

All of Flandria Aluminium’s profiles leaving the factory are 100% produced in France. It pays particular attention to reducing its environmental impact by recycling its waste in its foundry.

Our history

In the 60s, Flandria made the strategic choice to diversify its activities by investing in its first 2,000-tons extrusion press. A winning bet and an investment policy that has been pursued for more than 50 years.

Our business lines

Flandria integrates all the crafts essential to aluminum extrusion. This has been its pride but is, above all, a strength in a market that requires reactivity, precision and quality.



We can provide you with our standards and certification: ISO 9001; Alu+C- certification; qualicoat/qualimarine certificate.