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Profilés standards

Standard or customized profiles, building systems…

For more than 50 years, Flandria Aluminium has been bringing all its expertise to the extruded aluminum market. The know-how and experience of its teams ensure that more than 600 new molds are carried out every year. Special or standard profiles, building systems, finishes and surface treatments, etc. Our products and services perfectly meet the requirements of many sectors of activity: industry, construction, transport, amongst others.

Customized  profiles

Flandria Aluminium produces more than 600 new molds per year. Its integrated design office advises and accompanies you until the validation of your prototypes before manufacturing.

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Building systems

Veranda, bay window, pergola… The quality of our alloys and the level of finish of our Aluminum Systems perfectly meet the requirements of building systems professionals and building professionals.

Standard profiles

Flandria Aluminium has a wide range of standard profiles more commonly known as “merchant profiles”. More than 750 references, 400 of which are available and in stock and can be delivered anywhere in France.

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Processing and surface treatment

All our profiles can receive different types of finishes: lacquering, anodizing, processing,

thermal break, etc. These treatments meet the objectives of your projects: durability, resistance, thermal insulation, ease of maintenance, hardness, resistance to friction, etc.