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Exlabesa strengthens its position in France and the Benelux countries with its acquisition of Flandria Aluminium

As of Monday 28th August 2023, Exlabesa has taken over the Flandria group.

The merger of these two aluminum extrusion specialists will contribute to a robust international player serving the construction, transport and industry markets, with a turnover of more than 720 million euros, a production capacity of 200.000 tons, employing a workforce of 1800 people.

The two family-owned companies share the same values and passion for the aluminum industry.

Exlabesa, is a multinational concern, a world leader in the production of aluminum profiles with strongly added value. Its current make-up comprises several industrial producers located in Europe (England, Spain, Germany, Portugal, Poland), Morocco and the United States. Exlabesa is extending its geographical presence with this takeover whilst significantly boosting its strength in France and the Benelux countries.

Flandria Aluminium is a French family concern, a subsidiary of a Belgian group, specialized in the extrusion and recycling of aluminum profiles. It is directed today by Jean-Marie Chuffart and Sabine and Julie Vandenbroucke.

The French company Flandria was founded in 1956 by Belgian entrepreneur Aimé Claeys to manufacture and import bicycles, mopeds and lawnmowers.
Since 1968, under the chairmanship of the founder’s son-in-law Germain Vandenbroucke, the company has transformed itself into a company specializing in the extrusion of aluminum profiles for the construction, transport and industrial sectors in France and Belgium.

Since 2000, the company has continued to develop under the presidency of Paul and Ignace Vandenbroucke, by adding new capabilities and new activities such as the machining of aluminum profiles.

Paul Vandenbroucke, Flandria Managing Director: « The Exlabesa group complements Flandria geographically. This joining together is a perfect opportunity for Flandria for both its future commercial and industrial development, it’s a great opportunity which increases our confidence in Flandria’s capacity to develop more quickly. At the same time, it will enable Exbalesa to considerably strengthen its position in France and the Benelux nations. »

Fernando Quinta, Exlabesa business chief, said: « EXLABESA and FLANDRIA, both originally family concerns, share the same passion for the aluminum industry, providing a solid basis for a successful partnership. EXLABESA will bring its entrepreneurial vision and investment capacity to bear to strengthen FLANDRIA and drive its long-term growth. In addition, FLANDRIA will maintain great autonomy to further meet the specific requirements of its market in an efficient manner. »